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Once again, That Gurl had Edgebrook's Music on the Mall of the largest crowds ever. When they played "We Are Family", "Play That Funky Music", and "Le Freak" back-to-back, the place went nuts.  

Sandy D.

The band is the best! I saw them at a wedding reception and they were awesome!! Never stopped playing except for a couple of breaks. No goofing around, looking for sheet music, they knew it all. I recommend them 200%. If you go, prepare to have some fun!   

Stanley N.

This was one of the best nights with my favorite band. The whole crowd loved them and so do I! Played all the songs I knew, and the female singer Renee was at her best in bare feet. I don’t think this place ever had a band this great. One of my most entertaining nights. Thanks so much for sharing your musical gifts. 

Clyde W.

That Gurl has personality...they aren't showy, they have a great variety of songs to their sets, and they have the best vocals. They're my band!

Julie S.

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