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Renee' Marie

Renee's love for music stems from the roots of family tradition. She grew up hearing music being sung in the kitchen and played on the radio, and would sing along until her heart's content. Renee' would go on family camping trips where they would all sing and play instruments around the campfire. But on Sundays, she would wash the dirt off her knees, put on a flowered dress, and sing songs on stage to an admiring congregation. As Renee' grew up, she was able to craft her skill by traveling the Midwest and recording singles along the way. Responsibilities, obligations, and projects were never in short supply once she began raising children. But that did not stop her from taking the little moments to keep singing through church, road trips, and even the soft lullabies before putting her kids to bed.
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Al Terrana
Al is an innovative bass player. He has gigged with at least 30 different bands and played many genres over his career. He toured coast to coast with a Pittsburgh-based band, Charles Williams and Life.  Al has shared the stage with Bo Diddley, A.C. Reed, Bowser and the Sting Rays of Sha Na Na, and Robin Zanders, Rick Neilson and Bun E Carlos of Cheap Trick.  Al is a main member of Combo Loco featuring the Midwest's most versatile and accomplished guitarist, Dan Voll. Also, Al has played with blues guitar legend, Steve Ditzell.

Paul Marachino

Paul was born and raised in the Rockford, IL.  He first began playing guitar with his older brothers, and then in various church worship teams.  Paul has been That Gurl’s rhythm guitarist since the band’s formation in 2018.

Mark Bradley

Mark learned to play the guitar at a very young age and was in a few bands in high school. Mark set his guitar aside for many years to focus on his family and his career. About 15 years ago, he picked the guitar back up. He was going thru a rough time in his life and his guitar was his therapy. He has played for a few top local bands in the area...HIS FAVORITE IS THAT GURL!

John Bruneni

John started drumming in the early 80's, and was heavily influenced by the Rock & Metal music of the decade. Since then, still a rocker at heart, John has learned to appreciate the smooth sounds of the 70's and enjoys playing all of the hits from the era with THAT GURL.
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