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THAT GURL is a 70’s dance, cover band made up of experienced performers from different musical backgrounds who came together to create music for all ages.  

THAT GURL is a unique all-inclusive, interactive musical group that caters to a wide variety of parties, venues, festivals, and events. Their playlist includes your favorite funk, disco, and rock of the GROOVY 70s. Whether you are planning an event for 30 or 3,000 guests, THAT GURL will have your guests reminiscing, laughing, cheering, singing, and dancing all night long!

With both female and male vocalists, THAT GURL is intentional in performing songs much like the original versions and keeping them the way they were meant to be remembered.


Renée Scrivano - Lead Vocals
Mark Bradley - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Paul Scrivano - Acoustic Guitar
Al Terrana - Bass Guitar / Vocals
John Bruneni - Drums


People often ask, "Why did you choose to name your band THAT GURL?" The short answer the very beginning, one of the band mates suggested using the name after the popular 70's sitcom, That Girl. The name just seemed to fit.

Press Quote

Promises to be a fantastic show! If you haven't yet seen That Gurl, you will enjoy them very much. I cant wait to see them again and hear the band and the silky, effortless, alluring vocals of Renee' Scrivano. Check out the Facebook page for more information. See you there!

~ Mark Ricotta, Rockford Vinyl & Music News

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